Friday, May 11, 2007


This is going to be my last post of the semester. I just wanted to say a few last things. My favorite project was the rythmic editing assignment. I completely agree with the TS Elliott quote. True creativity sparks within confinements. And I think stricter guidelines need to be given to more projects because when working in the industry that is how projects will be. Even if you are in business for yourself doing commericials. The only exception I can think of is if you are just doing museum exhibits. But when working on a set there are lists of shots to get and strict confines but that doesn't mean that there can be no creativity. Learning to be creative within guideline is a gift but it can also be learned. There are ways to twist rules and not break them that can work some times. When editing my rythmic assignment i need to have a 15 frame shot but instead i cut the screen up into threes and still showed the same shot but they were on three seperate frames all being shown at the same time except they were 5 frames apart. So they would come on sequentially. I really like the rythmic editing and the collgae because they allowed me to be really choppy and use a lot of filters. I love fast paced cutting. My collage is still a project that I am planning to finish one day.Hopefully over the summer. Because there were alot of things that I wished I could do to that project. I'll let you know when I finish it so you can see it.

I alos wanted to comment one how much I love doing magazine transfers onto film and onto random stuff as well. I to some packaging tape that i had done and put it on a white set of drawers that I have and it looks prety sweet.


I know a lot of the class was overwhelmed throughout the semester because there was so much going on at once.,,..but that is one of the cool things about film that you can do 5 diffrent projects at once and its ok. Maybe i would have been more overwhelmed if I had been blogging...I don't know, anyway I i think time management is a good concept that I need to get a hold of. But What if choices need to be made. I have to work so that I can pay to go to school. But if I work so much that I can do my best in school is it still worth it. I guess i'll know in ten years


The Valdez films that we watched were very interesting to me. I really like how he would create beats from speech. I especiallly enjoyed big screen version./ I i have to do is think about "big screen version" and it gets stuck in my head. I know some people who would argue that is what makes a great film. One that sticks with you. I would maybe argue that it is one you are trying to think about and not one you can't stop thinking about. I went off on a tangent.

anyway i think twisting the new to make experimental cinema is funny. But television is free so go for it i guess.

eat pes

the pes films that we watched were absolutely incredible. The detail that goes into them is even more appreciated after trying to do the plane animation on out own. i showed kaboom to all of my friends after class. I think the fact the pes has gotten so many commercials is interesting. I have been bringing this up in many conversations in the past year but i think that it is fascinating that experimental cinema is finding its way into cinema.

This can be scene in Coca-Cola with the animation that is supposedly in a vending machine. There have been several Charles Schawb commericial that have involved the same look as a scanner darkly and other independent films that had rotoscoping. The NBA playoff commericial have had griddy photoshop layers with the opacity pulled way down and major color correction.

It is clear to see we are enetering an age where boundries are being pushed and people don't want to see the same thing anymore.

looking back

looking back at 6x1 there are some things that i loved and some things that I didn't care for so much. I really enjoyed all of the stuff that we did with film but we could have maybe gone digital a project sooner. I am sure many of my classmates might disagree but I started getting headaches being in the dark every class for a month straight. Maybe it would be cool if there was a way to go back and fourth from digital to film.

I think that film is still very relavant as an art that is being shown in museums but is quickily moving away when it comes to making movies. I think it is very important for students to be comfortable working with digiatl because when they are looking for there first job it will most likely be with digital cameras or digital editing. I think in almost every productio now computers are being used on some level.

Some of my favorite things from the semester were watching the yes men. That film made me laugh really hard. I also like the segment that was done on culture jamming. there are tons of good examples of culture jamming in Adbusters. After you talked about it i went back and looked through some old adbusters that i have saves for things like collage and such. I say a picture of a really fat man on the beach eating a hamburger (it was ripping off mcdonalds) and the tag line at the bottom was "There's a little M in everyone." I thought that was funny.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Found Footage Evaluation (Project 6)

Digital Editing is one of my favorite things to do. I love the creative freedom that the editor has and the enormous possibilities that exist. Also with Final cut trial and error is so simple. I did my project to the radiohead song from ok computer entitled "fitter happier" i remixed it using soundtrack to give it some aggressive beats to edit to. The cocept behind this short was to make a spin off of the modern era. The song talks about this and mocks modern civilization but the images give the piece new meaning. The footage on its own has no meaning in itself but put with the song and juxtaposed over the other images a new meaning is formed. This is kind of a spin on the Kuleshov effect. The idea is that when images are put together with different music or soundtracks a different mood is created. The one regret I had on this project was that due to time constraints I couldn't edit it as much as I liked. And I also couldn't finish through th whole song. The cut that was shown was a little over a minute long. And the song is about two minutes. Because I enjoyed doing this project so much though I plan on re-editing it and finishing it the way that I would have liked to.

Project 3 Evaluation

Project 3 was one of the projects I really enjoyed. Mostly because before this class I was not very knowledgeable about film at all. Because of the transition that is going on in the film industry and what we have acccess to, digital is definately what I know best. I enjoyed doing the transfers for this project. I really like the way the slinky turned out as well as the film on film transfers. I thought the sound also made the peice more dynamic. It is amazing what sound can do. I know the class said the first cut with the sound was rough and the second one was better but unfortunately i was only able to hear the second one because I was sick. Anyway I learned a lot through this project and thought it was funny that we used a cell phone light to expose the film.